Distinguished Alumni of Psi Upsilon at Columbia University

Nicholas Murray Butler CC 1882 MA 1883 PhD 1884 was the ruler of Columbia for over four decades (19021945). Despite being associated with several controversies, he was probably Columbia’s greatest leader.

He also won a Nobel Peace Prize and was a candidate for Vice President of the United States.Butler Library and the Butler Medal are named after him.

While a student at Columbia, Mr. Butler was a member of Psi Upsilon and the Peithologian Society. He studied philosophy during his time at the university, and after a brief jaunt through Europe, joined the faculty as a philosophy professor in 1885. His academic brilliance led Theodore Roosevelt to dub him “Nicholas Miraculous.”

In 1887, he helped found the New York Institute for the Training of Teachers, which later evolved into Teachers College.

Butler was highly influential in creating the Columbia University we know today. Despite his obvious ambition to become Vice President or President of the United States, he clung tenaciously to his university title, retiring only when he went blind and was close to death.

Source: CUWiki,